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The Book - Photography Journal

TITLE: Running The World 196 - The Photography Journal

The book is a homage to the wonderful people of the world. I'm only 60 days into the expedition, and I've already had runs in with the law, faced dangerous kidnap territories. Ran in temperatures as low as -40c and as high as 41c. I've stayed in families homes, I've got lost, and it goes without saying, I caught it all on camera. This journal is packed full of stunning scenery, sharp smart images, fantastic expressions, and the real life of culture and change in the world. I'm a runner, so you'll also see the blurry, accidentally beautiful shots too. I have many months of the trip to go, but I've already taken 12,000 photos.


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The book will be published in November 2019. Just one month after my return to the UK. At least 12 exhibitions based on this project are planned around the world to show case my expedition's 1000 faces. This capture 1000 faces, a collection with at least one face from every nation on the planet

The first will open in July 2020 in London. We will then tour the globe visiting 11 other cities holding large gallery exhibition in 11 countries.

At these exhibitions, I will present a film installation consisting of photos, film clips, and audio (recorded along the journey). Oh and did I mention we have a full documentary.



Loads of varying photography with diverse range of content. The book details are below.



The photo-book journal will be a self published effort with support from a printing house. I am also in the process of writing account, which will launch at a similar time. We may collaborate.

Every photo is taken by me, on a variety of cameras throughout the 18 month journey.

Texts: I will include short snippets of anecdotes and background for most photos. The stories I have already are hilarious, sad, and damn right nuts.

Graphic design: Me, along with collaboration from friends.

Photographs: approx. 200 colour, and black and white originals

Material: Premium Matte (148 GSM) 

Size: Large Landscape, 33×28 cm (13"x11") Coffee Table

Publication date: November 2019



This is your chance to receive the book, browse the images, and pick which prints you'd like.

As part of this funding project I'd like to offer you flexibility and some really great quality prints. Any questions, just ask. I love photography, and you'll get the standard you're after. I'll also sign every print straight off the printers. If it's a gift, let me know and I'd be happy to write a message.

Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges when publishing a photo book include the possibility of delay, but as I am working with a great team, we will do whatever we can to make sure the book is ready to be published and shipped in November 2019.

Bear in mind that in accordance with the Kickstarter rules, the entire budget must be raised by the deadline in order for the pledged funds to be released. This policy protects the contributor and ensures that supporters will see a return on their pledge. It's all or nothing.

Please share the campaign for this book project with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Thank you for your support! I appreciate it. Cheers

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Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

Photo Journal image
Photo Journal image
Photo Journal image

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